Monday, December 17, 2012


CITY CIGAR LIFE, thank you for the opportunity to share the FREE BOY GEORGE campaign with your supporters.

My name is DE LA VEGA and a team of us are working to FREE BOY GEORGE from a lifetime prison sentence. Boy George was arrested on drug charges when he was 23 years old and is now 44. At the time of his trial, THE BOY GEORGE OBSESSION CASE was a high profile drug case because Boy George was already considered a young 'street legend'.


George inspired a powerful New York Times bestseller, RANDOM FAMILY by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc. It is a must read for every student in America.
In the 80's, drugs were a part of the Bronx reality. Everyone was exposed. Many young people glorified the rich drug dealer and to so many, like Tony Montana in SCARFACE, he was an inspiration. There was little guidance, education, employment, and naturally... many young people turned to easy money.
It is our belief that Boy George, like so many other young Black and Latino youth, was set up by a government controlled drug business.

Hollywood poisonous capitalist philosophies are also to blame for so many deteriorating neighborhoods.

Boy George was introduced to the drug business and lavish lifestyle by a police informant. He was set up from the very beginning for a life in prison.
FACT: A young man without clear thinking mentors, will make bad decisions in the face of government business schemes.

Boy George has already done 20+ years in prison. Today, he spends 23 hours a day in a supermax prison known as ADX FLORENCE.
ADX FLORENCE is considered an inhumane institution and many inmates have gone insane.

First, the government, allows drugs to enter poor Black and Latino communities and then punishes them for selling it.

This is a modern day slave trap!

Harsh drug laws and America's prisons are out of control. Prison institutions are a culture that destroy the human spirit without any desire to build human beings so that they can be of service to humanity.

Join us as we work to FREE BOY GEORGE from a lifetime prison sentence. Our goal is to have George work as a motivational speaker and mentor, much like Freeway Ricky Ross is doing today.

Freeway Ricky Ross, Shyne Po and many others have been actively working to raise awareness of the FREE BOY GEORGE campaign.

We are also working on building a powerful legal team since George has already been denied freedom multiple times.

We need lawyers, bloggers, artists, teachers, celebrities, students, and elected government officials involved. Help share his story. It is a powerful American story. We also suggest you read and encourage others to read RANDOM FAMILY.

Follow this movement on Twitter @DELAVEGAPROPHET and @Boy007George.
I'm sure no mother, regardless of the crime, does not want to see their child spend a lifetime in prison at the expense of government schemes.

This is a tall mountain. We believe freedom, justice, and understanding are always triumphant.



  1. Was locked up w him. Good dude. Solid as a rock

  2. Im from the bronx I been what it was like back then I think his time is served

  3. I would like to write to George and be a part of the petition. Random Family was an excellent book. Written honestly and from the heart it showed the struggles and everywhere you looked DRUGS. Is he in George Rivera #16231-054 USP BIG SANDY, U.S. PENITENTIARY, 1197 AIRPORT ROAD, P.O. BOX 2067, Inez, KY 41224? Thank you